OUR SERVICE OFFERING – Under Construction


  • Certification of Installers, Designers and Inspectors – Competency process under review – Initiating procedures to enable SETA/SAQA/QCTO registration (Certification is facilitated by ELPA and therefore is accountable to South African industry for the outcomes – all certification sucesffully completed is only validated on the confirmation of membership to ELPA)
  • Certification of Installations (New/Existing) complete with the ISR and maintenance report (MC) as per SANS 10313 in support of SANS 10142. ELPA is in the process of establishing a new ELPA LPS Certificate – a track record of any and all properties across South Africa that have been assessed or worked on by an ELPA certified installer or designer.
  • Certification of Designs/Drawings – Procedures to facilitate this are in progress – will form part of the ELPA LPS Certificate procedures
  • Issuing of a valid ELPA LPS Certificate format for use by Installers/Designers (as part of the membership services offering)
  • Record keeping of all exams, ISR’s and Drawings – procedures to facilitate this are in progress (part of an automated online registration service accessible by handheld devices and computers alike)
  • Assistance in dispute settlements acting as a 3rd party – membership with ELPA compulsory for this support to be active
  • Different levels of Membership according to your involvement
  • ELPA Handbooks – The ELPA Board of Directors have approved a complete revamp of the existing handbooks to reflect the full needs of the ELPA member companies. Full development of the new handbooks will commence in early 2020.  Current handbooks:* One copy of the current handbooks are free to ELPA members as part of the membership package. * Discounted prices will be released for online purchase in January for members and non-members.
  • ELPA building bilateral relationships with ALL industries impacted by lightning – please contact the ELPA National Director or any members of the ELPA Board of Directors if your organisation wants to fast track such a bilateral arrangement with ELPA.