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Welcome to the Lightning Protection Association.

OUR 7-CORE PRINCIPLES – (Link to Code of Ethics)

  • To protect the consumer, their infrastructure/equipment and personnel.

  • To secure unity and co-operation, or to seek affiliation, with any other organisation, association, statutory body, local authority, institution or person, which will promote and be in the interests of the association.

  • To promote just and honorable practices and ethics in the conduct of business amongst members and other persons engaged in the Industry.

  • To encourage and promote educational and training facilities for those engaged in the Industry as well as fund research, development, and exploration of and in our subject matter and it’s technologies,

    and the dissemination of this information.

  • To encourage the settlement of disputes between members and other individuals or parties connected with the Industry

  • To prescribe standard specifications for work undertaken by persons, standard forms of contract, and to encourage the recognition and use thereof by members and other persons;

  • To Implement Inspectors and to inspect existing/new structures and or to arbitrate any dispute arising from the results of an inspection,

    or other causes