Avoid Covid-19: “Social Distancing”

AVOID COVID-19 – “Social Distancing”

Social Distancing will only work effectively IF WE ACT NOW !!!!

If we fail to manage the threat early and quickly, our hospitals will become overloaded with too many patients and increase the risk that YOU will not receive the treatment YOU need.

To understand how it works read article

If we take no preventative action EVERYONE will get sick before the disease runs its course and everyone can recover.

Cannot completely seal off sick people from the healthy but YOU can help.

25% and 75%: If a quarter of the population remain moving with the others all practicing “social distancing” then 40% of the population may avoid getting sick.

12.5% and 87.5%: If only one in every 8 people continues to move around and the rest of the population practice “social distancing” then 75% of the population may avoid getting sick.

Some people may not recover and will die if we do not act fast.

So do not go into groups of people – keep your social distance – always more than 1 meter.

Don’t be the link between sick people and healthy people – break the link, stop the virus by NOT BEING THERE TO TRANSMIT IT.

Stand up now and be counted to protect ALL our people.

Be vigilant, don’t go into groups, follow the Guideline – Protect yourself.

Stop the Covid-19 virus in South Africa

Stop the Covid-19 virus in South Africa

“Be the one who stayed away and YOU save all the other people”

This is not lightning but if information is not shared and left to someone else to share, the virus can spread to others and reach people who are susceptible to other health problems with fatal consequences – we can help prevent this virus from spreading in our country by taking precautions for EVERYONE not just yourself!

(For updates – Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering CSSE or in South Africa NICD)

The government cannot do this on their own, we need to help by being vigilant and not panic, be responsible and not arrogant.

Avoid spread of Covid-19 virus

Avoid spread of Covid-19 virus