Covid-19: Safety Measures – Companies

Company COVID-19 Safety Measures


As companies – you are responsible to do regular screening of the health status of your employees and to provide measures for your employees to also maintain Covid-19 safety.

1. Regular screening – Observe and protect your staff like a mother hen.

2. Whenever and wherever they move, know what their health status is at all times.

3. Provide the means by which staff can adhere to their individual covid-19 safety responsibilities whilst on duty.

As companies – you are responsible for providing employees with the materials and facilities to adhere to individual Covid-19 safety measures.

4. Help employees by re-inforcing the saftey measures as habits.

It is the responsibility of each of your employees to exercise safe Covid-19 measures. Click here for individual Covid-19 Safety Measures.


1. Temperature – Take temperature measurements and record them for each person.

Records must be kept for each time an employee enters the employer premises and any work site at which the company has assigned work.

2. Track symptoms – Ask, ask and ask.

Keep track of symptoms by asking (and answering) the questions related to covid-19 known symptoms.

This means that there must be ongoing conversations and someone regularly interacting with all staff – that “mother hen”.

3. Track staff movement and contacts – Ask, ask and ask.

Keep an accurate record of where and with whom every person interacts during their workday.

This is imperative to take control of the asymptomatic nature of Covid-19 (when infected people do not immediately show symptoms).

Tracking will improve your ability to quickly help all your staff take the necessary measures to protect the families they will go home to every night.

The government cannot do this on their own,

we need to help by being vigilant and not panic,

be responsible and not arrogant.

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