Covid-19: Safety Measures – Individuals

COVID-19 Safety Measures


As individuals – you are responsible to practice Covid-19 Safety Measures.

1. Social distancing – Keep distance between yourself and others

Stay far enough away from other people so that neither you nor the other person can receive or transmit the virus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends spacing of between 1.5 meters and 2 meters

2. Keep your hands clean – Wash with soap and water or safe sanitiser.

The virus settles on surfaces and there will always be times when you will touch surfaces. 

At ALL TIMES be aware of what surfaces you touch.

Do not touch any part of your face if you have not washed your hands.

3. Wear face masks

The mask will first and foremost reduce the distance the virus can be projected from your mouth or nose and thereby you improve the safety of those around you.

The mask will also reduce the probability of any virus particles directly landing on or about your nose and mouth.

By law you must wear a face mask in any public areas.

The government cannot do this on their own,

we need to help by being vigilant and not panic,

be responsible and not arrogant.